Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam: The Land of Pho

I went to Saigon about 5 years ago. And I loved it! It has this laid-back feel that will just make you want to just chill. It felt like Manila but a bit greener.

Ho Chi Minh City, more popularly known as Saigon, is the largest city in the country of Vietnam. Vietnam, and in particular Ho Chi Minh City, is full of historical sites which is very interesting. Some of the more famous sites include the Reunification Palace and War Remnants Museum. Both of which have great meaning in regards to the Vietnam War.

Saigon, Vietnam
This is the temple near Mekong Delta. I forgot the name but this is Vietnam’s largest Buddhist Temple.

We ate so much food…Pho, spring rolls, fish and so much more! I loved everything! It was amazing! BUT, just a caveat…don’t buy fresh coconut from street vendors because they usually sell it double or even triple of its actual price. There are a lot of small stores in the streets, you can save by buying from there.

The main mode of transportation are scooters/motorcycles. I almost died just trying to cross the road coz of all the motorcycles but yeah it’s definitely charged to experience. It is a young city with so much potential. I consider this as one of my more cultural travels.

What I like best about Vietnam is that the people are very nice and very accommodating. They are friendly. And they love their culture. When you go on the tours. You’ll see that they still wear they’re national dress. And people still wear their traditional inverted cone-shaped hats. Which I think is very effective in blocking sunlight. That’s why people there are fair-skinned amidst the very hot weather.

We went to various tourist spots in Saigon. We went to Chuchi tunnel, an underground shelter, where the Vietcongs (Vietnamese warriors) hid themselves for over 20 years during the Vietnam War. We also went to the Mekong River and rode the kayak-like boats. It was so much fun! But It was also sad because we saw the remnants of the past war. It was devastating.

Remnants of the Vietnam War. So sad!

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I miss Pho! 🙂

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