5 Reasons You Should Visit The Philippines

Philippines is not a usual go-to vacation destination for most people. Aside from the complicated spelling, which makes it forgettable to write in travel lists, this country is also suffering from so much adverse media. From corruption to terrorism, Philippines had it all. So I’m writing this blog now to list down the 5 reason why you should visit the Philippines.


The Philippines is an archipelago made up of 7,107 islands! It’s hard to describe how awesome the beaches are so just look these up in Google for a sneak preview 😉 BORACAY, CALAGUAS, MALCAPUYA, CORON, MALAPASCUA, EL NIDO, OSLOB and many more! The best part is, all these are just an hour away from Manila!


A bucket of 6 San Miguel Beer (local beer) is less than 10 dollars (SGD/USD/AUD) in almost all bars. A bottle of local beer in 7/11 won’t cost you more then 50 cents. A 1L bottle of local gin or rum costs around 2 dollars!

1L of local vodka or tequila costs about 5-10 dollars! Drinking and clubbing age in the Philippines is 18 years old.


Filipino food is quite different from other Southeast Asian food. Filipinos are meat lovers so almost everything has either pork or chicken. Rice is staple food. Even McDonald’s serve rice with some of their value meals. Try adobo, caldereta, pansit, sinigang, menudo, halo-halo and many more. My personal favorite is the Filipino sweet spaghetti but it’s more of an acquired taste.

PS. Philippine is not a good place for vegetarians and vegans so if you are one, better be ready.


There’s probably a shopping mall every 4 kilometer radius in Metro Manila! According to Wikipedia, out of the 20 largest shopping malls in the world, 4 of them are in Metro Manila! From local shops to high-end boutiques, you’ll surely find shops that you’ll love!


Philippines is an English-speaking country so if you’re lost you can ask anybody for direction and Filipinos are friendly so they’ll be happy to help you!

Visit the Philippines! 🙂


    1. elaineroams

      Yeah Philippines has so much to offer. You should go…it’s awesome. But it’s not a vegetarian friendly country so if you’re vegetarian, best to research restaurants in advance. 🙂


  1. Clemente Siddell

    Helloo, I love your Blog Post. I recently wrote an post on storing meat. I love to make my own beef for Christmas!. We will be making a tasty ice cream to go with it. The kids will be at home with me and I am positive they are going to love it.


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