Food Finds: Shan Noodles and Shan Tofu

This is definitely the best Burmese meal I’ve had in Yangon. These are sticky shan-style noodles, Shan tofu and some picked veggies on the side from 999 Shan Noodle Shop in Yangon, Myanmar. I walked in the rain just to visit this noodle shop but it was worth the fuckin’ hike. I have to say, Shan tofu is probably the best tofu I’ve ever had so far. This meal is so good I had to order another round of the Shan tofu and I was alone! This tofu activated the glutton in me. So yeah, I honestly hated Burmese food and ate KFC for 3 days and hostel food for 2 days but this meal was Myanmar’s Trojan horse to my stomach.

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