Food Finds: Ostrich Stew with Pap

I had this Ostrich stew with Pap at The March of Time restaurant along Long Street in Cape Town, South Africa. It was the best meal I’ve had during that week-long trip. The Ostrich Stew was so good! It was my first time to eat Ostrich and this restaurant didn’t fail me. The ostrich meat tasted a bit like pork, I was expecting it to be like chicken but it was more gamey than pork but better taste. It was amazing and it’s perfect with Pap! Pap is popular in Cape Town. It’s a staple food for Bantu people in South Africa. They even have Pap as side dish in their KFC. It’s made of ground maize. I ate it almost every meal when I was in Cape Town. It’s perfect with chicken and gravy. 😍

PS. This restaurant is perfect! They have good food with great live African music! 

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