Restaurant Review: Ichiran Ramen Dotonbori in Osaka, Japan ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

According to a lot of articles and blogs, Ichiran Ramen is the best ramen in Japan. I don’t know if I agree but we truly enjoyed our dinner here. It was one of the best ramen I’ve had in Japan! We went to Ichiran Ramen Dotonbori in Osaka, Japan. The queue was super long but the system was pretty efficient so we only queued for probably 30 mins. The service was fast. We just waited 5 minutes and we got all our food. We tried almost everything in the menu. I mean they don’t have a lot on the menu which was good.

We tried the tonkotsu ramen and we loved it! I highly recommend choosing dashi – strong and richness – extra rich in the selection coz I mean why the hell not! You went all the way to Japan, a little more sodium is good for you! You deserve it and hey you’ll burn it all off anyway coz of all the walking. Also, since you’re on vacation, live a little! Order some additional sliced pork, smoked-flavoured stewed pork and matcha beer if you want to have a super happy meal.


And to finish off, you have to order the matcha almond pudding with green tea sauce. It was yummy and not too sweet which makes it more delish! We loved it! I highly recommend it!

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