Restaurant Review: Hellenic Republic in Brighton Beach, VIC, Australia ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This was the last restaurant we visited before my flight home. Oh gosh this restaurant didn’t disappoint. A couple of my friends recommended it but we actually didn’t know it was Hellenic Republic we just sat there coz the ambience was good. We were there on a Tuesday around 3pm so there were not a lot of people in the resto.

We ordered souvas, a salad and the trio dip. Gosh the food came out and it was like we were having a party! They served big portions of food, we thought the souva will be tiny because it was under bar bites but it was a lunch portion! My friend ordered cauliflower souva and she said it was really good. I ordered chicken souva and it was super yummy! The salad was super fresh and good. The trio of dips was awesome! Best tzatziki ever! The garlic dip and eggplant dip were yummy! 🥰

I loved this restaurant. I’d definitely recommend this to my friends and I’d come back for sure!

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