Hotel Review: Okada Manila Resort & Casino in Philippines ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Me and my family booked the executive suite at Okada Manila Resort & Casino in the Philippines to celebrate my mom’s 60th birthday. We needed a room with a kitchen, dining room and lounge so we booked this suite in Okada so we can have some friends and family over instead of having a party in a small hotel ballroom which was quite pricey. When we went up to our suite, I felt so happy to see that it looked better than the photos! It was super spacious we even had a massage room! Crazy!

The staff were super helpful! It’s the first time that the whole staff in the hotel were superb! Like from the concierge, guest relation staff (shoutout to Jewel), security and housekeeping…everyone was so helpful and amazing! They even told us that we should’ve told them about the party so they’d be able to help us earlier and maybe add some more decorations! They brought in additional chairs and even a massive ice bucket! They even helped us design the room! Everyone was amazing! I’m so glad I did it in a suite instead of paying big bucks in a hotel ballroom. It was so worth it!

Oh by the way, the buffet breakfast spread was legit amazing! That’s how hotel buffet breakfasts should be! It had everything!

Gosh, I highly recommend Okada whether for staycation or intimate parties. We felt like royals while staying there! They had the perfect combination of beautiful accomodation and amazing customer service. We’ll definitely go back!

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