Restaurant Review: Supernormal in Melbourne, Australia ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

We googled good food near me and this was the nearest one so we went. When we arrived, it was so packed, it was around 8pm. We got seated on the bar right away.

We ordered food and waited. I ordered lobster roll and fried chicken. My friend ordered dumplings, marinated mushrooms with eggplant and avocado. The food was really good! Especially the marinated mushrooms with eggplant and avocado. I haven’t had anything like that before! It was so good and refreshing! My lobster roll was good but I thought it would be bigger. Fried chicken was the special off the menu food that night so I ordered it. The portion was so big! It’s good for sharing! The dumplings were massive and good also.

Customer service was really good. They were super attentive. Loved this resto. It’s quite pricey but the food is good, it’s worth the fancy penny. I’d come back again.

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