Restaurant Review: Chin Chin in Melbourne, Australia ⭐⭐

All of my Melbourne friends recommended this restaurant for me to try so me and my friend did. We went there around 11am, we queued to be seated for about 20mins. We were seated at the bar which was nice. The ambience was really good. It’s a cool place, it’s probably nice to have drinks there with friends.

We ordered crab omelette, silken tofu with veggies and some fish ceviche with veggies in it. We liked the fish. The crab omelette was super salty and just meh. The silken tofu was good but if you eat it with everything else in the dish, it becomes too salty. I ordered cold Vietnamese coffee and it was probably the worst one I’ve had ever. I don’t know how Vietnamese coffee can be that bad but it did! Lol my friends iced tea was good so that’s great.


The service was great. But to be honest, I wouldn’t go again. We went to so many restaurants on this trip, this was the only one that disappointed me. We tried so many restaurants in this 4-day trip, restaurant dining in Australia is generally pricey but I felt bad paying over a hundred Aussie dollars for 2pax for these food. So meh! ‍

Honestly, I wouldn’t go back unless I just want to drink alcohol.


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