Meet Kelly from Cape Town, South Africa

I met Kelly while I was walking along Long Street in Cape Town, South Africa. She went up to me coz I was alone in an apparently not so safe part of the neighbourhood. It was super nice of her to walk with me. We had drinks in a nice bar. She was asking me to go with her in a bar but I had a bad feeling about her after some time coz she said she left her wallet so I paid for everything!

I told her I don’t want to go partying so she said ok let’s have dinner instead. Since I had a bad feeling about her already, I said I’ll go back to my hostel first. I wanted to leave my camera behind just for precaution. She insisted to come with me to my room and I’m a yes man so I said ok. I put my camera in the cabinet and we both head to the restaurant for dinner. We had dinner in a nice restaurant. It was a cool place with good food and amazing live band playing. We left the restaurant, she didn’t order anything except for a cocktail but ate half of my food but I paid for anything since she said she doesn’t have her wallet with her. I told her I’ll be heading back so she walked me back to my hostel lobby and I waited for her to get into a taxi. Yeah well, around this time, there was no Uber in Cape Town yet and the cabs didn’t accept credit card so yeah guess what! I was dupped!

Anyway, I went back to my room, washed up and opened the tv. I had the urge to check my work emails. So I looked for my work mobile phone which I left at the top of my bed. Guess what! It’s gone! Kelly took it. I reported the incident to the police, they took my testimony in the hostel, I told them everything that happened that night and what she told me about her. I showed them this video and they laughed. The police know her, she’s a sex worker that works along Long Street and another street that I can’t remember. Anyway, they told me they’ll do their best to return my phone but they said I shouldn’t be too hopeful coz she probably sold it already.

So the lesson is…

Don’t fully trust people right away. Be cautious especially when you’re travelling alone. Just because someone is pretty and is super nice to you, doesn’t mean they can be trusted. And if you feel that something is not right, the threat is probably real. Trust your guts. Fuck politeness, and don’t get murdered!

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