Glögi: A Finnish Winter Drink

Me and my friends went to the Finnish Lapland earlier this year. We stayed in this amazing hut in the middle of the wilderness. It was a magical experience.

It was still winter when we went to it was quite cold. One afternoon, Anna, our host, made us a winter drink. It was called Glögi.

Glögi is a Finnish drink that’s usually prepared during winter or Christmas. It is made from grape juice and flavoured with spices. Well, normally it does not contain alcohol but Anna is a rockstar so she added some Jalovina Brandy to make it more awesome. I fuckin’ loved it! It was delicious.


Food Finds: Red Kolo Mee

I was able to eat Red Kolo Mee when I was in Miri, Malaysia. Kolo Mee is quite popular in this region (Sarawak/Borneo). It’s made of round noodles dipped in sauces and oil with minced pork and spring onions. It’s very good but they said it’s dipped in pork oil! 😱  After I ate it I had the urge to go on detox.

Food Finds: Ambuyat – Brunei’s National Dish

Ambuyat is Brunei’s national dish. It looks like sticky glue and quite frankly, it tasted like hmmmm cornstarch and water mixture. So to describe it accurately, it is tasteless. That’s where the cacah (red gravy) comes to play.  The interesting part about this dish is the utensils that they use to pick it up since spoon or fork won’t work coz it’s too sticky. They use canda to pick up the sticky goo. It’s like chopsticks that are join at the end.

It’s a very interesting dish. It’s not something that I’ll eat again but I’m happy to have tried it. 🙂

Food Finds: Shan Noodles and Shan Tofu

This is definitely the best Burmese meal I’ve had in Yangon. These are sticky shan-style noodles, Shan tofu and some picked veggies on the side from 999 Shan Noodle Shop in Yangon, Myanmar. I walked in the rain just to visit this noodle shop but it was worth the fuckin’ hike. I have to say, Shan tofu is probably the best tofu I’ve ever had so far. This meal is so good I had to order another round of the Shan tofu and I was alone! This tofu activated the glutton in me. So yeah, I honestly hated Burmese food and ate KFC for 3 days and hostel food for 2 days but this meal was Myanmar’s Trojan horse to my stomach.

Food Finds: Ćevapi / Ćevapčići

Ćevapi or ćevapčići is a grilled dish of minced meat, a type of skinless sausage, found traditionally in the countries of southeastern Europe. – Wikipedia.

I first tried Ćevapčići in Zagreb and I liked it. And then I had it again on our first day in Dubrovnik.  The best Ćevapčići I’ve ever had was the one above from Ćevabdžinica Tima Irma in Mostar, Bosnia. I loved it so much that I was eating it in slo-mo for 1 hour! This dish is simple yet very satisfying. It’s the perfect pairing of sausage looking minced meat usually chicken, beef or lamb, rice or flat bread and of course…AJVAR! I hope I’ll have a good fortune to taste this again.

I think what I loved most was the red sauce. It’s not chili, it was called Ajvar. Ajvar is a pepper-based condiment made principally from red bell peppers. It may also contain garlic, eggplant and chili peppers. Ajvar originates in Serbian cuisine and was therefore long known as “Serbian salad” or “Serbian vegetable caviar”. – Wikipedia

I loved Ajvar it so much that I bought a bottle back to Singapore. I finished it in 4 days! 4 days was quite impressive because I’m not usually a condiment kind of person. But yeah. I hope to taste it again. I hope to do that soon. And well, I’ll try to find a restaurant here in Singapore that serves Ćevapčići.