Meet Giorgos from Greece

I met Giorgos here in Singapore through my friend Kirby. Kirby invited him to have dinner with us one Friday night and we ended up drinking at home. He’s a nice guy and I hope he enjoys his stay here in Singapore! 🙂


Meet BFF Jojo from Philippines

Jojo was our class valedictorian in high school. We didn’t really talk that much back when we were in school because we weren’t on the same friend group nor were we classmates. We were Facebook friends so when me and my friend contacted him coz we knew he was living in Barcelona during our visit. We spent time together and we kinda felt like we were bffs coz he was a cool guy, very nice to hangout with. He even showed us around Barcelona which was amazing! 🙂

I hope to see him again…hopefully soon! 🙂

Meet Nick from USA

I met Nick in Tokyo. He was very smart young man. When I met him he was already been traveling around Japan for about 3 months and can already speak Japanese! He probably has a job now in Tokyo coz he loved Japan so much he didn’t want to leave! And by the way, Japan is the first Asian country he’s ever visited! 🙂 Good times!

Meet Matteo from Italy

I met Matteo through couchsurfing. Matteo was a great host! He was extremely busy but he still took the time to talk to us and even made us dinner. He’s very thoughtful. He’s a funny guy, we had quite a good laugh. Even when we only stayed with him for a night, it was still great. And he bought us pastry in the morning before we left so that was too kind of him.

Meet Christoph from Germany, Living in Prague

I met Christoph through couchsurfing. We were super lucky to have Christoph as our host in Prague. He is the perfect host! He was friendly, accommodating, fun, and super thoughtful! He even cooked amazing dinner for us! I felt like I was really at home because he treated us like we’re family or something. He’s a great conversationalist, very knowledgeable. Our stay in Prague was extra special because of him. I’d love to meet him again maybe in Asia or somewhere else! He’s simply awesome!

Meet Darren from Malta

I was fortunate to meet Darren during my short visit to Istanbul. We were hosted by the same couchsurfing host, Burak. He was super smart. He was way younger than me but his point of views are definitely beyond this years. Oh yeah did I mention that he’s from Malta?!? Malta’s population is just over 400,000 and it’s so cool to meet an actual Maltese person. This is the reason why I love traveling coz I get to meet awesome people like Darren! I can’t wait to visit Malta! 🙂