Meet Stefan from Sweden, Living in Germany

I met Stefan in Dusseldorf. He let us stay in his apartment for a night and it was cool! Stefan was a great host! Despite his super hectic schedule, he still showed us around the city and made sure that we hung out and had beers. He was very thoughtful and he made sure that we were comfortable and we felt at home. He is such a nice person!


Meet Filipo from Italy

I met Filipo during a couchsurfing meet-up in a pub in Paris, France. He was a student and was traveling around France while he was on break. He’s a very friendly guy. And I’m quite fond of his accent!

Meet David from Spain

We met David in Madrid. He was super nice. He showed us all over Madrid. It’s like we had our very own tour guide. It was super nice of him to do that especially coz it was drizzling the whole day and it eventually rained after he showed us the Palace. It was super fortunate that there was a pub near the palace called “Cerveceria La Mayor” which was pretty cool. We were able to try local beers. He also treated us so we can try the best Sangria in town which lived up to its reputation coz it was so good we drank it like juice and ended up puking out guts off at the end of the night. We had so much fun in Madrid thanks to David! 🙂


Meet Gaetan from France

Gaetan is my favorite French person ever! I first met when he joined the company I was in as an intern. He made quite an impression as he was very friendly, smart and entertaining. He stayed with us for maybe about 3-4 months and then he went back to France to continue his studies.

This video was taken early last year when I was in Versailles, France and he met me and my friend for lunch. Versailles was such a beautiful place especially Château de Versailles. It was such a treat to see Gaetan there and he even brought us to this really good burger place!

Meet Dustin from Germany

Dustin is a friend of my friend, Kirby. I met him in Switzerland when Kirby and I went there. He’s probably one of the nicest persons I’ve ever met so far. We were so lucky because Dustin and his friends had their annual Ski trip in the Swiss Alps the same time as we were there so we just tagged along. It was awesome. It was my first time to see and experience snowfall. It was magical! I was so happy I even licked the snow from Dustin’s car coz I’m filthy.

Dustin is from Germany and he lives in a town next to the Swiss border. So basically they speak Swiss German. They were very hospitable and they made us feel at home in their rented cabin. We cooked Spätzle which was delightful and got drunk. 🙂

It was a fun experience! I’ll never forget that experience. I’m eternally grateful for Dustin and his friends for being great hosts. I would love to return the favor if they ever come to Singapore.

Meet Kazune from Japan

Kazune is awesome. I met him in Tokyo while I was walking around Ueno like a lost dog. I asked for directions from him because I needed to go to a pub to meet some couchsurfers. He was super kind and taught me the right direction. It was my first time in Tokyo and it was quite dark already so I asked him if he wanted to join me and some other strangers for dinner. He politely declined but I can be persuasive so he walked with me and joined us for dinner. It was so cool to be in Tokyo with locals because we got to try a lot of local food and drinks without breaking a penny.

I’m so fortunate to have met Kazune. I hope I can meet him again hopefully in Singapore! 🙂

Meet Brian from USA

I met Brian through Couchsurfing in Paris. He offered us to stay in his awesome Airbnb in Montmartre which was strategically located about 5-minute walk from Sacré-Cœur.

He was travelling around and Paris was his last stop. He’s a very nice guy. We walked around Paris for one whole day and we covered quite a lot of landmarks which was super cool. He’s very kind and easy going. We got along quite well that I actually felt like I knew him for a very long time even if we only spent time for less than 48 hours.