Meet Shota from Japan

I met Shota on my first night in Tokyo. He’s a funny guy and he’s very friendly. By the way, his girlfriend is super cute! He is not very good in playing drunk Jenga. I hope to meet him again, hopefully he plans to travel to Singapore.


Meet Rita from Portugal

I met Rita in 2015 during my first trip to Europe. Rita hosted me and my friend for 3 days in her apartment. She’s a very lovely host. She made us feel at home and even spent a whole day with us and showed us around Lisbon.

She’s seriously gorgeous. She was definitely the most beautiful person I’ve met during the whole trip. She’s confident and fashionable. She has this low soothing voice. She just made me calm.

As much as I loved Rita, I loved Lisbon more. I love its charming architecture and lively streets. I’m a bit partial about food as I’m not a very big fan of Codfish. I think Lisbon as the most fashionable people in Western Europe. Lots of beautiful people, it was amazing.

I wish I can meet Rita again and maybe show her around Singapore. 🙂