Meet Shonagh from England

I met Shonagh in Milan and she was very delightful. She’s from England and she was travelling around Europe with her friend Eliza. We met them in probably one of the nicest hostel I’ve stayed in. We partied that night and came back whole so that’s fun!


Meet Matteo from Italy

I met Matteo through couchsurfing. Matteo was a great host! He was extremely busy but he still took the time to talk to us and even made us dinner. He’s very thoughtful. He’s a funny guy, we had quite a good laugh. Even when we only stayed with him for a night, it was still great. And he bought us pastry in the morning before we left so that was too kind of him.

Food Finds: Salmon Soup and Rye Bread

We had this salmon soup and rye bread in Ravintola Kannas (Kannas Restaurant) in Helsinki, Finland. It was the best fish soup I’ve had so far. The salmon was so fresh and the soup was amazing! It’s perfect with the rye bread that was included when you order it. Oh and by the way, the serving of this soup is good for 3-6 people. It in a massive bowl. It was affordable and definitely worth every penny. It’s perfect for big groups coz it’s massive and it’s full of fish meat and potatoes. We ordered this as a starter before we gorged down the meat platter we ordered that had reindeer and venison in it. Gosh how I wish I can have this meal again!

Meet Christoph from Germany, Living in Prague

I met Christoph through couchsurfing. We were super lucky to have Christoph as our host in Prague. He is the perfect host! He was friendly, accommodating, fun, and super thoughtful! He even cooked amazing dinner for us! I felt like I was really at home because he treated us like we’re family or something. He’s a great conversationalist, very knowledgeable. Our stay in Prague was extra special because of him. I’d love to meet him again maybe in Asia or somewhere else! He’s simply awesome!

Meet Dustin from Germany

Dustin is a friend of my friend, Kirby. I met him in Switzerland when Kirby and I went there. He’s probably one of the nicest persons I’ve ever met so far. We were so lucky because Dustin and his friends had their annual Ski trip in the Swiss Alps the same time as we were there so we just tagged along. It was awesome. It was my first time to see and experience snowfall. It was magical! I was so happy I even licked the snow from Dustin’s car coz I’m filthy.

Dustin is from Germany and he lives in a town next to the Swiss border. So basically they speak Swiss German. They were very hospitable and they made us feel at home in their rented cabin. We cooked Spätzle which was delightful and got drunk. 🙂

It was a fun experience! I’ll never forget that experience. I’m eternally grateful for Dustin and his friends for being great hosts. I would love to return the favor if they ever come to Singapore.

Glögi: A Finnish Winter Drink

Me and my friends went to the Finnish Lapland earlier this year. We stayed in this amazing hut in the middle of the wilderness. It was a magical experience.

It was still winter when we went to it was quite cold. One afternoon, Anna, our host, made us a winter drink. It was called Glögi.

Glögi is a Finnish drink that’s usually prepared during winter or Christmas. It is made from grape juice and flavoured with spices. Well, normally it does not contain alcohol but Anna is a rockstar so she added some Jalovina Brandy to make it more awesome. I fuckin’ loved it! It was delicious.