Meet Shonagh from England

I met Shonagh in Milan and she was very delightful. She’s from England and she was travelling around Europe with her friend Eliza. We met them in probably one of the nicest hostel I’ve stayed in. We partied that night and came back whole so that’s fun!


Gelato of Italia

gelatoSo yeah…me and my friend went to 3 cities in Italy and guess what we did when we were there. Yes, we ate Gelato!!! Gosh it was awesome! It’s like rolls and rolls of heaven that melts in your mouth especially while taking a break from walking around Roma’s super sunny afternoon.

Gelato is the Italian word for ice cream, and literally means frozen. Gelato is made with a base of milk, cream, and sugar, and flavored with fruit and nut purees and other flavourings. (Wikipedia)

Meet Matteo from Italy

I met Matteo through couchsurfing. Matteo was a great host! He was extremely busy but he still took the time to talk to us and even made us dinner. He’s very thoughtful. He’s a funny guy, we had quite a good laugh. Even when we only stayed with him for a night, it was still great. And he bought us pastry in the morning before we left so that was too kind of him.

Piazza della Repubblica, Florence

It was raining most of my stay in Florence, Italy. But still, we walked around the heart of the city. We walked and walked until we saw a carousel in the middle of the Piazza della Repubblica. It was the antique carousel of the Picci family. It’s quite remarkable. So I went to the middle of the piazza and took a photo. I loved it!

Taken by: Elaine Adoptante
Taken at: Piazza della Repubblica, Florence, Italy
Taken on: 17 February 2016
Device Used: GoPro Hero 4 Silver