Myeongdong Cathedral

Oh the picturesque Myeongdong Cathedral. It’s very beautiful. It’s like this place has its own filter. It is such a lovely place.

Taken by: Elaine Adoptante
Taken at:
Taken on: 9 February 2016
Device Used: Apple Iphone 6/Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II



Harpa Concert Hall & Conference Centre

This is Harpa concert hall and conference centre in Reykjavík, Iceland. The building features a distinctive colored glass facade. While the exterior is beautiful, the interior is also quite intricate, very sophisticated. I loved it!

Taken by: Elaine Adoptante
Taken at: Harpa Concert Hall & Conference Centre, Reykjavic, Iceland
Taken on: 15 February 2018
Device Used: Apple Iphone 7


Metropol Parasol in Seville

This is Metropol Parasol, a massive wooden structure located in the old quarter of Seville, Spain. This structure truly mesmerized me. It’s was so beautiful! It’s definitely the most beautiful wooden structure that I’ve seen so far. 😍

Taken by: Elaine Adoptante
Taken at: Metropol Parasol in Seville, Spain
Taken on: 11 February 2016
Device Used: GoPro Hero 4 Silver


Aurora Borealis @ Reykjavík

One of the reasons why I chose to go to Iceland last week was because I wanted to experience the Northern Lights again. Me and my friends were able to see it for the first time in Finland and it was magical. For this trip, Iceland was our top choice. The weather when we came was not very good, we were stranded in the airport for 12 hours because of the snowstorm. We didn’t really expect to see any northern lights during our short trip because of the weather but when we went with the tour, we were lucky enough to witness such a beautiful display. It was as magical as ever. 😍😍😍

Taken by: Elaine Adoptante
Taken at: Reykjavík, Iceland
Taken on: 14 February 2018
Device Used: Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II


Food Finds: Springbok

We ate at Dieu Donne Vineyards, Franschhoek in Cape Town, South Africa during one of our stops during our wine tour in Cape Town. I ordered Springbok with Potato dauphinoise, butternut purée, wilted spinach, truffled exotic mushrooms and a port jus. It was really good! The springbok meat was so soft and it was tender. I loved it so much! I thought it will be gamey but it was far from gamey. I highly recommend this restaurant and they have really good wine as well!

Food Finds: Salmon Soup and Rye Bread

We had this salmon soup and rye bread in Ravintola Kannas (Kannas Restaurant) in Helsinki, Finland. It was the best fish soup I’ve had so far. The salmon was so fresh and the soup was amazing! It’s perfect with the rye bread that was included when you order it. Oh and by the way, the serving of this soup is good for 3-6 people. It in a massive bowl. It was affordable and definitely worth every penny. It’s perfect for big groups coz it’s massive and it’s full of fish meat and potatoes. We ordered this as a starter before we gorged down the meat platter we ordered that had reindeer and venison in it. Gosh how I wish I can have this meal again!

Supermoon at Changi Boardwalk

Me and my friends went to Changi Boardwalk to take some sunset photos. We honestly didn’t know that it was a supermoon night. I saw the moon and ran towards my friends so we can go to the other side of the boardwalk to see its full glory. It started to be visible here in Singapore about an hour after sunset. I’m a newbie Olympus user so I don’t really know how to capture the detail of the moon and I don’t really have the proper lens to do the job. But I’m very happy with the photo I took. It was beautiful! 😻😻😻

Taken by: Elaine Adoptante
Taken at: Changi Boardwalk, Changi Coastal Walk, Singapore
Taken on: 3 December 2017
Device Used: 
Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II