Meet Shonagh from England

I met Shonagh in Milan and she was very delightful. She’s from England and she was travelling around Europe with her friend Eliza. We met them in probably one of the nicest hostel I’ve stayed in. We partied that night and came back whole so that’s fun!


Meet Annie from Germany

I met Annie in the Swiss Alps. She’s from the US and now living in Germany. She’s one of Dustin’s friends that welcomed us to their awesome weekend. We had the best time! Oh she’s the one who showed me how to cook spatzle! I love it!

Meet Malorie from France

We met Malorie on the plane to Paris. She was sitting next to my friend. We bugged her and asked her for any recommendation on what to see and where to go in Paris. She was very helpful. She gave her email to my friend and they talked via email. When we got back to Paris we met up with her, went for dinner, had some drinks, went to a pub to watch a beautiful lady perform. We had such a great time! We also met her brother (in the photo) and her friends, Camilo and Lesna. It was such a good night.

Meet Kerttuli from Finland

I met Kerttuli in Seoul through Couchsurfing. She’s a student in Hong Kong but she’s from Finland. She’s truly one of the nicest CSers I’ve had a pleasure to meet so far. We had a nice Korean dinner meaning we ate all the streetfood we saw as we walked around Myeong-dong market. She gave me skincare tips and brought me to this nice Finnish shop that sold nice stuff. I had so much fun hanging out with her!