Hotel Review: Osaka Hinode Hotel in Osaka, Japan ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This was one of best hotel I’ve stayed in so far! And here are the reasons why.

#1 They have FREE FLOW Ramen and Alcohol everyday from 10pm to 11pm!

I honestly thought this was a joke so we checked it out after our short nap coz we had amazing ramen for dinner. There were a lot of people going down so my guess was it was legit so we got super excited while in the elevator. Honestly, I thought it would be free flow of sub par ramen and maybe glasses filled with beer and maybe 1 bottle of gin, vodka and sake coz why would any hotel provide free booze?! We were pleasantly surprised when we got there. So many people were there! The whole hotel lobby was packed! I saw bottles and bottles of booze with so many choices of mixers.

We queued for the free ramen. The ramen was legit! It even had chashu! It was really good ramen! The choices were overwhelming so we tried sake coke and the ice cold Asahi! Asahi was way better when it’s free and taken from the tornado dispenser! Heavenly! I finished 2 ramen bowls, 2 glasses of Asahi and 1 glass of sake coke. To be fair, I was super full coz of dinner so this was still good result haha!

#2 Free coffee and tea all day, everyday at the lobby!

Full disclosure, I think I drank coffee and refilled my bottles so much that the amount of coffee, green tea and juice I drank was equal to the amount I paid for my 1 night stay! It’s safe to say that it was worth every yen!


#3 Great breakfast spread!

Super yummy breakfast as well! The side dishes where out of this world! Everything was yummy, Japanese and healthy! It was such a good spread! PS. that tofu on the top left corner was the best tofu I’ve ever had in my entire life! And I love tofu so this says a lot!

#4 Super cozy room!

The room I booked was super cozy! It really felt like staying in one of those old Japanese cabins. We loved it! And the view was good. So good I forgot to take a photo of it!

Screen Shot 2020-01-20 at 2.45.44 pm

I highly recommend this hotel to all families, couples or friends coming to Osaka! Just for the free drinks, free booze and free ramen, you can basically get back the value of what you paid for! We loved it!

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